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Port to Point
Vonto ground transportation service makes sure your freght gets from port to endpoint, with transparency every step of the way. Our 10,000-point global reach leaves virtually no piece of land untouched. Through our connections to the local suppliers within states, countries, and territories, we’re able to move ground freight efficiently and affordably.
Single Partner Simplicity
Our ground transportation service simplifies your logistics through our single-partner deliveries. This makes your job easier, and helps you stay competitive by delivering faster than your competition.

It’s Only a
Solution if it

Solves Everything.
Vonto understands that you need more support than simply port to port. Solutions change from one shipment to the next, so we stay versatile and ready to adapt no matter the logistical difficulty. Ready to scale but your current logistics provider is unable to meet the increased demand? Three words: switch to Vonto.

The Brass

From Offloads to Truckloads
When you transport with Vonto truckload services, your cargo moves from port to point in the shortest amount of time possible. Our agile, speedy, and secure supply chain navigates challenges with ease.
Anywhere You Want
Already have a pickup point or other partner in-country? Great!
Vonto truckload service can complete the rest of the delivery inland. Make use of our comprehensive ground freight network, without committing to the entire trip.
Pragmatic Warehousing
We’ve already ironed out solutions when your cargo needs to hold tight before the next leg of its journey. There are many locations to store goods, we know the best one to keep prices low and deadlines met.
LTL-Friendly Logistics
We don’t make customers wait for an opportunity, we create it. Between the capabilities of our in-house software and our network of carriers, we keep your LTL shipments moving without a premium price.

You Can Count On Vonto to Deliver


Vonto ground Logistics international has a vast network capable of providing a solution in every location. I see them as being our primary provider in North America.

Make Moves With Vonto Freight Ground Shipping

We work hand-in-hand with our carrier and freight ground shipping partners to make arranging, picking up, and delivering loads a cinch. As a warehousing provider, we directly control appointments and dock-bay loading times to facilitate the fastest and most seamless experiences possible for carriers and shippers alike.


What freight services do you offer?
We offer a full range of multimodal transportation solutions to provide the best options for your shipment.
Are you a freight carrier? Do you own your own trucks?
No, we don't. We are a freight brokerage with relationships with over 15,000 carriers and proprietary technology to help match your shipments with the best carriers.
Do you offer door-to-door, cross-border shipping services?
Yes, our highly experienced international logistics team specializes in door-to-door shipments, ensuring fast transit times and cost-effective solutions for your cross-border shipping needs.
Are your carriers C-TPAT certified?
Yes, all of our carriers are required to meet C-TPAT certification standards to ensure the safe and secure transportation of your cargo.
Can you consolidate cargo from multiple pickup locations and deliver it to one destination in the US, Canada, or Mexico?
Yes, we can arrange for pickups from multiple locations and consolidate them into a larger truck for delivery to a single destination within the US, Canada, or Mexico.
Can I do just freight services with Vonto? Or do I have to use all your services?
Yes, you can. While our end-to-end logistics capabilities and software platform are built to work together harmoniously, customers are able to choose specific logistics services to use a-la-carte.
How do you vet your carriers?
Every carrier in our network is pre-screened to meet our compliance standards across insurance, operating authority, and safety. We audit all freight movements to ensure meticulous accuracy.
Do you offer contract freight pricing?
Yes, we offer contract and Managed Transportation operations. Contact our sales team or your account executive to discuss contractual pricing options.

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Reach out to us to discover how we can help you achieve your business goals while meeting your logistics needs.
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Efficacy, quality, safety, and speed.
Efficacy, quality, safety, and speed.
Efficacy, quality, safety, and speed.
Efficacy, quality, safety, and speed.
Efficacy, quality, safety, and speed.
Efficacy, quality, safety, and speed.
Efficacy, quality, safety, and speed.
Efficacy, quality, safety, and speed.
Efficacy, quality, safety, and speed.